ADEA Diabetes Research Grant program

Grants will be awarded to applicants who best fulfil the grant selection criteria and who are employed at an institution with appropriate research facilities, under the supervision of a responsible investigator. Research should be conducted in Australia and impact positively on the quality of diabetes education and care.

The Research Foundation aims to enable best diabetes education and care through high quality collaborative research. Its program aligns with the vision, principles and goals of the Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020.

In 2017-18, priority will be given to the best quality applications that reflect the following priorities:

  1. Seek to inform diabetes education and care in Australia
  2. Support the role of ADEA Members and other health professionals in contributing to excellence in diabetes support for all Australians
  3. Address one or more of the following National Strategy goals and potential areas for action:
  • Goal 3: Reduce the occurrence of diabetes-related complications and improve quality of life among people with diabetes
  • Goal 4: Reduce the impact of pre-existing and gestational diabetes in pregnancy
  • Goal 5: Reduce the impact of diabetes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Goal 6: Reduce the impact of diabetes among other priority groups
The Foundation also encourages applications that:
  1. Comply with the National Strategy principles
  2. Support the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023 and Close the Gap
  3. Have a multidisciplinary research team that includes ADEA Members and people with diabetes and/or families
  4. Describe rigorous qualitative and evaluation studies