Welcome from the Chair

Trisha Dunning

Welcome to the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Research Foundation.

Diabetes is the most significant chronic disease and is associated with most other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, renal and liver disease and sensory changes that affect function and quality of life. Many strategies for managing diabetes and its complications, their consequences and the associated challenges originate in quality research.

ADEA is delighted to support and promote quality research into the key issues that affect diabetes education and care through the endeavours of the ADEA Diabetes Research Foundation. Research is an integral part of the diabetes educator role and is important to demonstrate the value of diabetes educators and diabetes education to outcomes for people with diabetes.

Research helps inform ADEA and national policy, service development and standards for diabetes education and care through collaboration among researchers and organisations. Such collaborations generate new ideas and ensure research is applicable to a wide range of people and care contexts.

The Research Framework sets clear priorities for research funding consistent with ADEA’s values, mission and strategic plan. On this website you will find information about the ADEA Diabetes Research Foundation and research grant opportunities.

On behalf of the ADEA Diabetes Research Foundation Council, I would like to thank you for your support and involvement to help people with diabetes as they work hard to live well every day.

Professor Trisha Dunning

Chair, ADEA Diabetes Research Foundation Council