Research Fellowship 2020

Important dates

Application open : April 2020
Application close : May 2020
Result available : August 2020

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About the ADRF Research Fellowship

The ADRF Research Fellowship was established to attract outstanding recent university graduates to further their research in diabetes education and care. The program aims to develop capacity in research and evidence-based practice and is designed for ADEA members who want to work within universities and research institutes on a research project. It can be part of post-doctoral research or a master degree to build capacity in conducting research.

The program offers a grant of up to $60,000 for one year, or pro rata equivalent for up to two years, postgraduate fellowship, with the aim of developing capacity in research and evidence-based practice.

Applicants from Aboriginal and Torres Strait and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds will be particularly encouraged to apply. Successful applicants require support from their academic institution for their application. The research project will not be planned or supervised by ADEA or ADRF.

Watch the video below to see what Professor Trisha Dunning, the Chair of the ADEA Diabetes Research Foundation Council, looks for in a submitted application.

Research priorities

In 2019, consideration will be given to the best quality applications that address all of the following priorities:

  1. How the proposal will result in improved diabetes education and care in Australia
  2. How it will support ADEA Members and other health professionals in contributing to excellence in diabetes support to all Australians
  3. Align with the principles of the Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-20:
  • Goal 3: Reduce the occurrence of diabetes-related complications and improve quality of life among people with diabetes
  • Goal 4: Reduce the impact of pre-existing and gestational diabetes in pregnancy
  • Goal 5: Reduce the impact of diabetes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Goal 6: Reduce the impact of diabetes among other priority groups

All applications must:

  • Have a multidisciplinary research team that includes ADEA Members and people with diabetes and/or families
  • Describe rigorous quantitative, qualitative, mixed method or evaluation studies

The Foundation also encourages applications to contribute to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023 and Close the Gap

Research 101

Interested in applying for this research fellowship program but not sure where to start?

Follow the ADEA’s Research 101 webinar series to improve your knowledge around research. By providing easy to understand and practical weekly sessions, this series will assist anyone who is interested in research but not knowing where (or how) to start.

To register, please create a free account with the ADEA Learning Management System if you haven’t had one, then register to watch recordings of this webinar series here.

All inquiries please contact research@adea.com.au.