Research Fellowship

Guidelines for Applicants

  1. Applicants must be an ADEA member for at least 12 months at the time of applying.
  1. Applicants must be a university graduate.
  1. Applicants must be an Australian citizen or hold Australian Permanent Resident status.
  1. Research must be relevant to diabetes education and care (see assessment criteria).
  1. Research must be undertaken under the auspice of an approved tertiary education institution and/or research institute within Australia. Work should ordinarily be carried out within Australia. Applicants must name an experienced investigator who is prepared to act as his or her supervisor/mentor; outline the proposed research and nominate the institution in which the research will be conducted.
  1. The work will not be planned or supervised by ADEA or the Research Foundation.
  1. The Research Fellowship Program offers each recipient $60 000 for 12 months, or pro-rata equivalent for up to two years. 2018 recipients are expected to commence their study by March the following year.
  1. Conditions under which the Research Fellowship Program is managed are informed by the current Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) Scheme Guidelines. The Research Foundation will refer to these Guidelines to assist in resolving any issues relating to conditions that might arise.
  1. Applications must be made by completing and returning this template to Applications must comply with the instructions within the template and these Guidelines for applicants.
  1. In the event that none of the applications meets the selection criteria, the Research Foundation Council will make a decision to not award a fellowship.