Frequently asked questions

Full applications

Will the reviewing panel have access to the EOI when reviewing the full application of the same project?

EOI and full application of the same project can be reviewed by different members of the review panel. It is recommended that applicants expand information provided in the EOI when completing the full application but treat the full application as an independent document.

Does this grant allow key personnel listed on the application to be employed as a personnel by the project budget?

Yes you can use the project budget to cover salary for key personnel. Please include the rationale in the space provided in the budget table.


Can I edit my EOI responses?

Applicants can change your responses on any pages of the EOI until you click the ‘Submit’ button or exit the EOI by turning off the internet browser.

  • To go back to the previous page of the EOI, simply click the ‘Prev’ button.
  • You cannot edit your EOI after it is submitted.

Can my EOI responses be saved and finished later?

Your EOI responses will be saved whenever you click the ‘Next’ button and successfully continue to the next page of the EOI.

  • If you turn off the EOI without submitting it, your EOI responses might be lost.
  • You cannot save your EOI and finish it later.

How do I know my EOI were submitted?

Your EOI are submitted when you click the ‘Submit’ button to finish the EOI and you will see the ‘Thank you message’ on the screen.

Are my EOI responses secure?

The URL of this EOI begins with https://, which means your EOI responses are sent over a secure SSL encrypted connection. For more information, please read SurveyMonkey’s Security Statement.

May researchers submit an application for a project for which they are currently seeking funding elsewhere?

Researchers may submit the same research project concept to another funding program and to the ADRF Research Grants. Researchers who are successful in seeking funding from another will not, however, be eligible for an ADRF Research Grant, for the same project and time period.

Can the grant be used to fund payment for a researcher to work on the proposed project?

Yes, the fund can be used to pay a researcher who must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. These details will have to be included in the Full Applications.

I am currently an Honorary Fellow of a University. My proposed project is based at another organisation (e.g. a local hospital). Could I still be entitled to funding through the project?

The project could be submitted through your University and they need to agree to be the institution that manages the funds, should you be successful. The research project can be conducted off-site of the University.

May I submit more than one EOI in the same funding round?

Yes, you can.

Do we need to show approval from our head of Department in writing with the EOI?

No, the EOI only requires the applicant to confirm this. Approval will need to be demonstrated by researchers who are invited to submit a full application.

Can we include references in the EOI and if so, do they count for the word limit?

Yes, you can include references. And no, they are excluded from the specified word limits for the section in which they are cited.

Can we upload a table and figure into the Research project rationale and methodology section.

The EOI form only allows plain text, not figures nor tables.

How do we partner with ADEA?

The assessment criteria require ‘A research partnership with (an) ADEA member(s)’. This can be achieved by a general statement of intent and naming one or more ADEA members on your research team who have committed to liaising with ADEA membership as required by your proposed methodology.

Is this program for people associated with universities only?

The ADRF Research Grant Program is designed for researchers, academics and student researchers from Australian universities and research institutes who are working with CDEs and people with diabetes on research projects that aim to improve diabetes care, management and education. So this program is not just for people associated with universities.

I am holding a cojoint position as a researcher at a university and as a clinician at a hospital. Which organisation should I list in my application?

Please list the university that will administer the grant in your application.

I am a research officer but neither from a university nor a research institute. Can I be the lead investigator?

The lead investigator doesn’t need to be from a university nor a research institute. Generally, the researcher with the strongest track record relevant to the opportunity leads the project.

Is it possible to include international collaborators in the EOI? 

Yes it is. There is no restriction on international collaboration. The EOI needs to include relevant argument and justification for their involvement, how they will contribute to the research outputs and how they will add value to the project team.