In November 2016, the ADEA Diabetes Research Foundation granted three research projects:

  1. ‘Optimising mealtime insulin bolusing algorithms’ by Dr Kirstine Bell (University of Sydney): A research project to understand how dietary fat affects blood glucose levels and how to adjust mealtime insulin therapy in type 1 diabetes to optimise postprandial glycaemia
  2. ‘Not scared of sugar’ by Dr Tammie Choi (Monash University): A research project to enable Chinese Australians with diabetes to live well every day by providing culturally-tailored diabetes education programs in the format that matches their expectations
  3. ‘DiabetesDriving-Australia’ by Dr Steven Trawley (Cairnmillar Institute): A research project to help people with type 1 diabetes to optimise their diabetes management in relation to driving

You are invited to the ADRF Showcase that demonstrates how these research projects can help people with diabetes to live well every day and what these research findings mean for the practice of diabetes education, diabetes care and management:

Time: 11am – 1pm, Thursday 23 August 2018

Venue: Hall B, Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre

A panellist discussion will be facilitated at the end of the showcase to answer questions on these research projects and the ADRF funding programs.

This showcase is organised in conjunction with the Australasian Diabetes Congress. For further information and registration, please visit diabetescongress.com.au

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